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Mikes Furniture In Chicago – Built-In Furniture For The Home: Storage Projects To Enhance Your Living Space (Popular Woodworking) – Chicago

Mikes Furniture In Chicago


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mikes furniture in chicago – Built-In Furniture

Built-In Furniture For The Home: Storage Projects To Enhance Your Living Space (Popular Woodworking)
Built-In Furniture For The Home: Storage Projects To Enhance Your Living Space (Popular Woodworking)
This title features detailed how-to instructions for making built-in cabinets and furniture. It contains detailed cutting lists, hardware lists and step-by-step photos with captions showing the reader how to build and easily install built-in cabinets and furniture.It includes valuable tips and tricks for installing built-in cabinets that will make the job go effortlessly. It is provided with seven “case study” projects for the home office, living room, library, den, kitchen and bathroom. Specific tips on installation and other tricks will also help with other built-in projects not detailed in this book.

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Bird’s Eye to Chicago / Lake Michigan
Location: Rooftop of The John Hancock Building, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago at night

Chicago at night
Chicago the night of the proposal.

mikes furniture in chicago

Inspirations in Painted Furniture
Painting furniture can be fun, creative and economical. In this book, you will discover clever ways to transform old or unfinished chairs, tables or beds into one-of-a-kind show pieces for your home (and for a fraction of the cost of new, factory-finished furniture!) A remarkable range of techniques are clearly illustrated with step-by-step instruction: staining, bleaching, waxing with colored waxes, stenciling, faux finishing, hand painting, stamping, distressing, wax resist, crackling, gilding and more. The book is organized into six chapters by decorating styles: Fruit and Flowers, Figures and Animals, Classical, Geometrics, Finishes, and Distressing.

To Annie Sloan, every piece of furniture and home decor accessory is a blank canvas waiting to be adorned. Open the first half of this volume to any page and you’ll find multiple treatments of the same basic item type (beds, cupboards, chests, candlesticks, trays, frames, lamps), along with descriptions of the methods used on each one. The book’s second half explains equipment and surface preparation, then offers extensive step-by-step coverage of many paint techniques, including all the expected ones (sponging, marbling, stenciling, graining, and the like) plus some unusual looks (incising, liming, tortoiseshell, faux marquetry). Even the common approaches are often given a twist, such as stamping with found objects, creating a tartan effect with combing, or using compositional decoupage for a narrative scene. Some of Sloan’s examples require a degree of experience, but many (particularly those on smaller objects) can be tackled by the novice. –Amy Handy


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